A Man’s Guide to Women’s Monthly Affliction

pms2Luckily, I’m not considered a mental case! But once in a while, like every other woman in the world, I snap and bite people’s heads off for all incomprehensible reasons. I always dread those days that I become the sort of person who voices out dozens of exclamations in statements and questions – the psycho bitch switch is on for sure! Emotions take control and logic falls out the window. And it’s those days, take note, DAYS, of the month that women think of an excuse to accuse men that they are insensitive dickheads.

P.M.S. – Punish Men Severely. Not really. It stands for the famed, Premenstrual Syndrome.

Some if not majority of the male population would refer to this as:

Part Monster Syndrome
Pity Me Syndrome
Pain and Murder Syndrome

As a woman, it’s not a very pleasant feeling. We’re a total mess and it feels like a powerful demon takes over our body, commands the unnecessary while we think otherwise. It’s a royal struggle. One thing is for sure though, that a girl PMS-ing will not kill you. Not yet.

For the past few years, male friends would complain about how annoying their wives/girlfriends/sisters/mothers/female friends become when PMS-ing. And female friends would share how they’d like to be treated during this time.

While it is not easy for us, women, to undergo this cyclical process, it’s even harder for men to deal with it mainly because they have difficulty recognizing the symptoms at an opportune time.

So, here are some of the common symptoms that you might have observed and ways you can deal with them.

1. Crying. As I said earlier, when PMS-ing, we tend to be overly emotional. We, out of nowhere, cry over the smallest things. If the slightest of sad stimuli would set us off which doesn’t happen during normal occasion, then, we are in the PMS zone. The worst thing that a man can do is to make fun of us. A good number of female friends said that they would appreciate it when their partners hug them or say soothing words.

2. Anger. When in the PMS zone, anger and angry outbursts are very common. Outbursts are usually short and expression of anger are hard and ineffective for women. A feeling of powerlessness can give rise to anger and vice versa. Of course, PMS anger is more often like a passing storm. It is important to recognize that in the vast majority of cases, PMS anger and the outbursts aren’t intentional. So, do not argue with the other person. Arguing will never be a wise choice unless you want to sleep on the couch. During PMS, the woman will always be right. Just suck it up a bit.

3. Irritable. Everything annoys the hell out of us. We are not approachable. One minute we’re okay then the next we’re not and you’re clueless about it. This is a major giveaway and easy to spot in women PMS-ing. It is usually an early indicator. What’s the best thing to do? Shut your mouth and get out of our way.

4. Withdrawn. Sometimes, we value solitude during these times. We like the company of ourselves more than yours or any other person in the world. Let us be for a couple of days and we’ll get around. Give us assurance that you’ll be there waiting.

5. Nesting Instincts. I’m not so sure if every female in the world experiences this but I do. What is nesting instincts all about? It’s when a woman is unusually bothered by the clutter inside the house. It is important, however, to check for other symptoms of PMS to verify if the nesting instincts is due to the raging hormones.

6. CRAVING. It is what it is. As a man, you should provide us the food we like to eat. Say, chocolate?

We do give men a hard time during these unfortunate days of the month. After all, PMS and we thank those who are still sticking to the sides, suffering stoically and in silence. You are our unsung heroes!


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