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“PUSO” – a Filipino word that translates to “HEART” in English. At present, among Filipinos, the word is associated with the national basketball team, GILAS PILIPINAS. It refers to the team’s ability to brave the odds and move mountains in a game of basketball dominated by experienced and giant international players. “Puso” represents the team’s indefatigable spirit.

“Puso” doesn’t merely speak of an anatomical structure but rather an emotion that can be felt. As a fan and spectator, I feel “Puso” when I see the team push themselves to their physical limits and their will takes over their being. I feel “Puso” when I think of the many hours the team dedicates to practice and beyond that.

For every Filipino, “Puso” embodies our daily battles as people and as a nation.

While it’s sad to see that the Philippines is at the losing end in three straight games, NAKAKAPROUD PA RIN! Perhaps, next time, the FIBA organizers would give a thought on imposing a height limit for players. Well, just hoping.


Some highlights from the recent game [PHILIPPINES vs. ARGENTINA]



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