Minor Accidents CAN BE Traumatizing!

Almost four weeks ago, while traveling to the metro on a public bus, an accident occurred. It was my first time EVER to be in such a traumatic situation. It was raining earlier that day and the streets were slippery. In a third world country where buses from two opposite directions barely fit the supposedly two lane highway, these unfortunate events happen! I wouldn’t even wonder if the budget for repair of national roads in our country were allocated properly.  Because if they are or were, then the number of accidents would greatly decrease.


While there were no casualties and people injured, the front of the bus was totally wrecked and tow trucks couldn’t move the vehicle. I guess they asked for a wrecker. I’m very grateful that there were wonderful people from along the neighborhood who came to offer help.

Recalling what happened still gives me chills. I could remember how I was totally calm and composed that day. Then came night, all I ever hoped then was a good sleep after a long traumatic experience only to find myself tossing and turning in my bed, thoughts rushing to my head. Particularly a lot of what if’s, how my parents and sisters would feel when the accident left me bloody and dead. Morbid thoughts came unbidden! Not a very pleasant experience. That almost sickening feeling won’t go away for a good couple of days.

A week after the incident, I was scheduled to take the comprehensive examination to be given by the graduate school department of the university where I am currently enrolled. Luck wasn’t on my side. I haven’t recovered yet and there I was once again, travelling by bus to my hometown. We didn’t encounter any problems during the trip but I was too anxious. I stayed awake and alert all throughout the journey. My eyes were bloodshot and they hurt.

Some of us would think that minor accidents don’t bring complications. Well, it does. One who’d been in any who were unharmed physically might suffer from post traumatic stress. It is important to be clinically diagnosed of PTSD. Our initial reactions after going through such extent maybe considered normal. However, when feelings of extreme anxiety, flashbacks to trauma event, withdrawal from people and locations, anxiety attacks and difficulties in functioning socially are persistent, it is advised to seek professional help.

It is always good to talk about how we feel with family and friends. Sometimes, this act unloads a great emotional and psychological burden that we’re not aware of.

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