Bellagio Hills: Café Buho

A short excursion to Paoay, Ilocos Norte brought my friends and I to the modern contemporary gem fronting Paoay Lake that is Bellagio Hills. After our sumptuous lunch at Vista Del Lago, we decided to indulge on pastries, cakes and other desserts. Not to forget, a quick fix of coffee to make our day. We found ourselves driving to Bellagio Hills’ CAFÉ BUHO Bistro Bar. (Buho is a Filipino term which refers to a variety of bamboo plant. I noticed a good number of bamboo plants huddled together on the western portion of the cafe.)

Café Buho boasts a magazine feature worthy interior!



It was very unfortunate however that they only had panna cotta for dessert when we got there that day. As it was also Christmas days before, we were not aware of their holiday schedule and the exact time of availability of the desserts. This is not particular to Café Buho but a rather common occurrence in cafés, restaurants and eateries in Ilocos Norte during the holidays.

The staff were quick to suggest to choose some dishes from their menu but since we had lunch earlier on, we declined. Also, a batch of cheesecake would have been a great option but it was still being made and would take some time before they can serve it so we opted for some hot drinks that came with buttercookies which greatly complimented the bitter yet creamy taste of their house blend.

Bellagio Hills is not a place we go to often. In fact, it was my first time at the place. We sipped our coffee outside the cafe and breathing loveliness saluted our eyes. It was a sight to behold! I can vividly remember taking in the scenery before me, the cool gentle breeze caressing my skin.


It is quite astonishing that a part of home gave me unexpected fleeting, beautiful moments of stillness and peace. I believe it is this certain feeling of enlightenment that I always find myself coming back to my hometown. Ilocos Norte will always be home.

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