The Cycle of Growing

reconnect-with-spouse-1030x503-678x381As we go through life, we create friendships with new people and we fade away from the old ones. Sometimes we will it and other times it is just the way it is. Such is a process all too common and inevitable among us, social beings. With differing priorities, having own families, changing jobs and moving away, it is not surprising that we grow apart.

Relationships have a natural ebb and flow. Growing apart is part of a natural process we humans call, “growing older” and when we become all aware that we are growing older, we start to look for opportunities to reconnect with people from the past. Having had the chance to catch up with some of my high school friends, I realized how we are still the same yet different in so many aspects of our lives. We might not necessarily have much in common (now that we’re older) as we’ve taken different paths, however, our history will always bind us in a way.

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