Fitting Misfit

I have always been an old soul. At a young age, I showed odd signs of mental, emotional and psychological maturity. Unlike most people, the company of the daily paper and books give me a sense of balance and contentment. While some would opt for a trip to the mall, spend hundreds of peso on a cup of generic coffee and sweets from a known cafe, or lounge at “it” places of the metro, I on the other hand have always preferred published and written works, theater plays, volunteering in the community, and randomly spending time checking places of historical significance. I can vividly remember being questioned for my “inability to connect” with my classmates from university because I refused to go with them to Starbucks. To some, I was the stodgy and boring person in class. Apparently, I have always known what I wanted in life and from life, and I have always been transparent about what I didn’t want to do. It is quite upsetting that most of the time, the agreed-upon norms of our community have brought about misunderstandings amongst us – creating a barrier between people of different status. While others try to live their lives differently, most of us, however, conform to the dictates of the society. Talk about pressure! Don’t you ever wish to live life without the influence of society?

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