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What weird world we’re now in

Complicated circumstances,

What frustrating times!

What weird world we’re now in!

We lament and wail,

Wait and stare.

What weird world we’re now in!

Stepping up,

Hopes held high,

What weird world we’re now in!

Who are you? What are we?

What would become of humanity?

What a weird world we’re now in!

Life in Quarantine

Now contemplating on my kitchen counter whether to have a go or not at this blog post. I just feel like there’s not much to talk about here or perhaps I’m just not interested to discuss issues and other things happening in the world.

Oh right! There is Covid-19 – quite interesting and controversial actually. Like the rest of the world (maybe not all of the world but whatever!), I am stuck at home with my siblings, working diligently online, and going to the grocery store once every two weeks.

We are barely out of our rented apartment for the past 40 days. Quite a familiar sight for me but a rather unfathomable situation (especially if you’ve been forced to stay at home for more than a month) to be in for those who are always on the go.

This is the new normal for all of us. Maybe for a couple more weeks or a few more months until they come up with a vaccine. Who knows?

“Where are you? How have you been doing? How are you coping?” – just a couple of questions you will probably hear from family, friends and colleagues. For some, this might sound insincere coming from another person who hasn’t been in contact with you for a long time, if you get laid off from work, if you have to manage a chaotic household, if you have to go through everyday with your kids having meltdowns, if you are being abused, if you lost a loved one, etc.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s going to be okay because really, that’s bullcrap at the moment. No person would want to lose a job especially if they’re only earning enough to support their family, or to be at the receiving end of another person’s anger and be abused. No parent would want to see their kids struggling and not know how to support and meet their needs. And no one would want to lose a loved one let alone lose them to Covid-19.

I lost my grandfather (not to Covid-19). His death was a hard pill to swallow. It didn’t make it any better that my siblings and I couldn’t travel and personally attend his wake and funeral. This left me angry and frustrated but I came to terms that life is temporary and the beauty of our existence is that nothing is ever really lost.

So what is this situation with Covid-19 trying to tell me? You? Us?

That this is part of human experience. This is a journey that each and everyone of us will have to go through one way or another.

One thing is for sure, we’ll have to live with uncertainty (what an irony!) for a while and ease our way into accepting the fact that we’re now living a life so different from before the pandemic. Which reminds me, where are you now in the cycle of acceptance?

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Fitting Misfit

I have always been an old soul. At a young age, I showed odd signs of mental, emotional and psychological maturity. Unlike most people, the company of the daily paper and books give me a sense of balance and contentment. While some would opt for a trip to the mall, spend hundreds of peso on a cup of generic coffee and sweets from a known cafe, or lounge at “it” places of the metro, I on the other hand have always preferred published and written works, theater plays, volunteering in the community, and randomly spending time checking places of historical significance. I can vividly remember being questioned for my “inability to connect” with my classmates from university because I refused to go with them to Starbucks. To some, I was the stodgy and boring person in class. Apparently, I have always known what I wanted in life and from life, and I have always been transparent about what I didn’t want to do. It is quite upsetting that most of the time, the agreed-upon norms of our community have brought about misunderstandings amongst us – creating a barrier between people of different status. While others try to live their lives differently, most of us, however, conform to the dictates of the society. Talk about pressure! Don’t you ever wish to live life without the influence of society?