What weird world we’re now in

Complicated circumstances,

What frustrating times!

What weird world we’re now in!

We lament and wail,

Wait and stare.

What weird world we’re now in!

Stepping up,

Hopes held high,

What weird world we’re now in!

Who are you? What are we?

What would become of humanity?

What a weird world we’re now in!

Dear Writer

Dear Writer,

It frightens me to hear your rage in spaces, see anguish in your words and feel your desperation in every turn of the page. Still, you write letters and words. Never ending. Not giving a care in the world. Oblivious to the breaking of my spirit. And I fear, with my troubled soul and unsettled mind, a fiend awakens. Losing myself. And when the day comes that my gaze locks with that of the girl in the mirror, I will know. Never will I get a glimpse of her- the girl who was once myself.

Changed forever, Reader

Spirits In The Wind

The following unrelated literary pieces are unlike my usual 100 creative word posts. These were inspired by random trivial events including (but not limited to),  (*coughs…), moments of boredom, watching raindrops against my window on a supposedly hot summer day, accidentally coming across the ex bf’s photographs (eeeekkk, awkward!), staring at a full moon, suddenly waking in the middle of the night and even while silently seated in a convenience store.


May 28, 2016

Mechanical heart
Synthetic feelings
Make believe love
With dull beginnings. 


June 6, 20616

The sky mourns
Clear tears and wailing moans;
Thundering lamentations echo
Murmuring horrors of unending woe. 


June 10, 2016

To the desolate moon I pray tonight,
My Love to see me while I have might;
For the starless world in my sight
Withers my soul quick. So cruel! 


July 6, 2016

Like You and Me
Only passing,
Never meeting. 


July 15, 2016

Heads turning,
Eyes meeting
Shoulders brushing
She could feel almost beautiful again
But icy hands of fear grip her soul
Feral. Consuming.
Desperately eating her being
And she wanders
Lost. Forever.


July 23, 2016

Your eyes spoke in silence,
Of endless aches and lies.
The agony in your cries
Dangerously tugging
Evoking unwanted feelings.


July 31, 2016

Hazel eyes
Haunts me
Taunts me
Hazel eyes
Tempts me
Resists me
Hazel eyes
I exist, you see. 


I wonder if my intentions and the emotions I have graciously invested in each line are palpable enough for readers to comprehend and relate to.

Let me know below.

xoxo, Regine