Weeping Soul


On a rainy night, I could hear muffled crying.
Lost souls, cold, hell bound, broken.
And silence.

Such anguish I feel deep in my skin.
Sobs, groaning, wailing and screams.
My world weeps as I fall beneath it all.

I am unheard. Their backs towards my pale, tear streaked face.
My hand reaches out to one.
Vanishes. I held none.

For now, I know the voice I hear is mine.
And the night sleeps. 

Then the tears begin to fall,  the night crier is here once more.
Sobs return, words of weeping echoes.

Hands To Hold

I hold my hand up high
Reaching your heart.

My hand up high
And I touched yours, I think. Not.

I hold my hand up high
Finding I for you to love.

My hand up high
You, I can’t have.

I hold my hand up high
Knees to the ground begging the heavens for my one true love.

Both my hands up high
Holding two colliding stars, bursting and crossing path with the gift of heaven above.

I hold my hands up high
Only to place it down
And another held it with a love I believe, I’ve finally found.

Craved Love

give-me-love-give-me-love-edsheeran-Favim.com-575144No matter how much I wanted to keep his love forever, it had to go away.

I, now, alone. Void of emotions. With shattered dreams.

I prayed hard to forget. To let go. To start fresh.

Like the changing season, I must move on with time and learn to live a new life. So, I have to surrender the hope of another “you and me” to save my heart from breaking constantly.

Yet, I long. I wish. That someday, when all memories fade away, my heart would recognize your love.

A love so strong, it chooses to finally stay.