It’s 2023!

After a tumultuous year filled with unexpected challenges, I am looking forward to a fresh start with the New Year. Taking notes of all the highs and lows of the past year, I am also looking ahead to the possibilities that the new year will bring. I am hopeful that 2023 will bring a sense of stability and renewed optimism. More than anything, I am prioritizing kindness and compassion, both for myself and for those around me.

Here’s to a successful year ahead! Cheers to the new year!

Hoping this year is one of growth, positivity, and celebration for us all!

Outreach Program 2017



I have always known that my life belonged to the world and it still does. Most times, I find myself in the service of other people. The life I live has a more profound meaning whenever I connect with others through volunteer work. As much as it gives me great satisfaction, volunteering has helped me in my spiritual growth and healing. It also reminds me of how wonderfully and magnificently blessed I am; That my skills are not my own but it is meant to be shared to serve others

Shauna, an author at Kelly Brogan MD Page wrote:

“This life is about so much more than simply growing as an individual. It is also about strengthening our connection to humanity and being able to share kindness and hope with others.”

This year, together with five of my mentors, we volunteered in the outreach program organized by Apple Tree Integrated School at San Narciso, Zambales for the benefit of the special needs community of the municipality.

November 17, 2017




Road to 2 Moons Over Manila in GIFs

Not yet done with Road to #2MoonsOverManila fan gathering. Here are the GIFS of the moments that brought about the loudest screams inside the activity area.

WARNING: Not for the fainthearted. Proceed with caution.