Outreach Program 2017



I have always known that my life belonged to the world and it still does. Most times, I find myself in the service of other people. The life I live has a more profound meaning whenever I connect with others through volunteer work. As much as it gives me great satisfaction, volunteering has helped me in my spiritual growth and healing. It also reminds me of how wonderfully and magnificently blessed I am; That my skills are not my own but it is meant to be shared to serve others

Shauna, an author at Kelly Brogan MD Page wrote:

“This life is about so much more than simply growing as an individual. It is also about strengthening our connection to humanity and being able to share kindness and hope with others.”

This year, together with five of my mentors, we volunteered in the outreach program organized by Apple Tree Integrated School at San Narciso, Zambales for the benefit of the special needs community of the municipality.

November 17, 2017




The Behavioral Therapist and Time

Time will fly by before one knows it! It did for me. It felt like I have only written my last post in the blogosphere a few days ago. But hell and damnation, NOOOO!! I published my previous blog entry August 15 of last year! It’s been nine months since. Nine long months?! I can’t believe it! What have I been doing?! (Excuse me for sounding a bit hysterical here!!) It’s really been too long. I didn’t want to sound overly dramatic but I had to rack my brain and summon all memory cells just in case.

My sole excuse – WORK. I spend more than 10 hours a day doing ACTUAL work. From seven in the morning to seven pm and at times going beyond as needed. As a behavioral therapist I go by this routine from Mondays to Fridays. Saturday afternoons are also allotted for work (I know right!). 

My day basically starts two hours earlier than seven. From 5am to 6am, I try to do all of the following: waking up, bathing, dressing, drying hair, eating “breakfast”-usually just coffee or crackers/bread/cookies and coffee. Worst case scenario, chips and coffee. I too wonder how I can do all that in an hour.

Moving on, from 6am to 6:45am, I commute from our place to my client’s house as I need to prepare her for her class for the day. I ride the jeepney going to the MRT station. I take the train and get off it a few stations later. Then, I ride a tricycle. Twice y’all! TWICE! before reaching my client’s house. Yes, I take public transportation! I like to be practical. It’s hard to earn a living. I might as well spend my money wisely.

Rest day/s are for running errands, doing the laundry, oversleeping, attending mass, watching Chinese and Korean dramas, YouTube videos and reading. As much as possible, I try to do all these. I rarely travel due to the bad case of traffic in Metro Manila which by the way should not be taken lightly (It’s a no brainer!). I didn’t want to spend my precious time in the back seat of a car that’s stuck in a third world traffic. I. Would. Rather. Walk. Been there, done that.

I have always been thankful for the work that I’ve done for the past two years. It gave me a different kind of satisfaction. As a Behavioral Therapist, I’m doing the kind of work that I can never experience while donning my nurse’s uniform within the premises of the hospital. I am changing the lives of kids under the spectrum who are alienated by the same society to which they belong. I am educating and raising awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder among families whose member/s are within the spectrum. I work with case managers, parents and their other family members in executing individualized ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) programs.

When I sent in my CV for this position, I wasn’t expecting much. I just wanted a change of work environment. Little did I know that the change I allowed myself to be in will greatly affect me later on. As the days passed, I felt like I didn’t have enough time to learn all the things I need to know. I was constantly seeking to better myself. But I realized how important it was to wait and that I cannot rush things to happen. That change will not take place overnight. It was a powerful reminder that so often, the end cannot be seen in the beginning. I can only do my best. And Time? I have all the time. 🙂


Life Purpose says “Hi! It’s me.”

All too often, you have this wonderful idea that will change the world. You’d most likely find yourself daydreaming of being the modern day “superhero”, to which you ask yourself countless of times the question, “How to start?”

Finding your purpose in life would probably be the most time consuming discovery of all time. Well, at least for some. Others, it’s something that magically occurs. It’s like reality slapping you in the face kind-of-stuff.

When I left the hospital for another “job”, I wasn’t expecting anything other than having something to be busy about. At the same time, earning a living to feed myself and pay the bills. Practical. Sounds nice, eh?

But you see, it’s when you don’t expect to find anything at all will you be given the opportunity to discover what you’re consciously or subconsciously looking for in your life. As for me, I found my life’s purpose while extending my skills and knowledge as a behavioral therapist, hoping I made the world a better place for families with special needs sons and daughters for a day together with my Case Managers from TeamWorks ABA, Inc. and teachers from Apple Tree Integrated School spearheaded by Dr. Bisnar on November 28, 2015.

I volunteered to be a part of the outreach mission in San Narciso, Zambales to break my routine and find a deeper connection to the new found love that I have for my work. God has abundantly blessed me with His favor this year. He’s shown me another side of life in the eyes of special angels. He’s given me permission to grow wings for mortal angels until such time they acquire their own. And most importantly, He made me and all the volunteers instruments of His undying love.


Greeting the day with renewed spirits! Ready to take on our mission. (Left to Right: Teacher Lilia, Teacher Grace, Me (Teacher Regine), Teacher Thia)


Beneficiaries of the first ever outreach program in Zambales catering to families with special needs children gather at San Narciso Parish.


Teacher Lilia orienting the audience on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy


Restless feet! Walking the path of compassion. The journey only begins.

I looked too far before only to figure out that my purpose was right under my nose. So, before you look into the horizon, scan what you have near. Maybe, just maybe, your life purpose is waving on the other side of the road saying, “Hi! It’s me.”