A Brief, Cheesy Interlude

WARNING: This blog post is harmless. Definitely suitable for readers of all ages. Proceed without caution. 😂😂 (Don’t mind the title. I can be humorous at times.)

Manila boasts a good number of places to eat good if not great food. It is, however, hard to find a restaurant that serves affordable and quality delicious food. So yesterday, we went on a mission to try what Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina has to offer. This place is fairly small and intimate that has earned loyal customers over the years and still does!

When we arrived there at past three in the afternoon, a lovely server immediately came to greet us and we requested to be seated at the air-conditioned area which at that time was packed. We waited for probably 20-30 minutes before a table for five was vacated.



Balcony seating is available at Silantro, however, it was not a good option for our group. It is currently summer in the Philippines and the word “hot” to describe it is an understatement. Besides, we were not in any condition to negotiate our chances of comfort.

My friends and I rarely have the opportunity to go out these days and when we do, we usually bond over food and drinks. We’re not short on good company so when we have the chance of going out together, we’re always on the look out for a place that makes spending time with each other feel more special.


Since it was time for merienda (light meal) when we got there, we ordered a few of their best-sellers. The staff provided us with three different sauces (guacamole, garlic sauce, spicy dip) which in my opinion complemented the dishes we ordered. Of course, this might not be the case for some. No pressure. If the sauces are not to your liking, well, it is easy to forgo them. The staff will not hold you liable for any wastage. Then again, you might want to inform the service crew beforehand so they won’t serve you with it.







What’s great about this place aside from the delicious and affordable food is their huge portions! You can basically order different dishes without breaking the bank. Make sure to bring your friends so you can try more. They have a variety of Mexican dishes that caters well to the Filipino palate. Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina was a delightful experience for all of us!

PS: Yesterday was cheesy and I was on high! 😁

Scallion Salad #cravings



The Koreans does it best. Hands down.

Pa Muchim or Scallion Salad is often served with grilled meat. It is a staple in every Korean BBQ Restaurant.

The dressing is a combination of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, sesame seeds, Korean chilli flakes (gochaguru), white vinegar and minced garlic. It’s always best to consume the scallion salad after seasoning it as it will wilt easily once combined with the dressing.

So here’s one Scallion Salad recipe I’ve tried from Hyosung (click to open link to the original recipe).

Pa muchim (Scallion Salad)
Serves 4
  • 3 to 4 medium scallions
Option 1
  • 2 teaspoons gochugaru
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon sesame seeds
Option 2
  • 2 teaspoons gochugaru
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon sesame seeds
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce
  • 2 teaspoons vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • Cut the scallions crosswise into about 4-inch lengths. Thinly slice each piece lengthwise.
  • Soak the scallions in cold water for about 10 minutes. Drain well.
  • Option 1: Add the gochugaru, sesame oil, and sesame seeds and toss well.
  • Option 2: Right before serving, add the soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar to Option 1 and toss well.

Dampa is the New Carinderia


My friends and I get together and feast on good food once every 2-3 months. Since we all have differing schedules, it’s quite hard to get everyone gather regularly.

What do we all have in common? Love for food. More than that, we love GOOD food.

So, one Saturday, after a company event, two from the group recommended that we try to eat at a dampa market since everyone’s famished after a long tiring day. We ended up at Dampa sa Farmers Market. The place has a handful of paluto stores with paluto (cooking service) prices ranging from 70-140 pesos to 300 pesos max depending on the dish.

When they hand out the menu, don’t get confused. The prices that you see there are mostly the paluto (cooking service) prices. You might want to clarify the price of the dish with the lady or gentleman assisting you.

What’s great about Dampa Markets is that you have the option to shop for your seafood, vegetables or fruits of choice then you can hand it to the paluto store.

We ordered a variety of dishes including shrimp tempura (half kilo), sinigang sa miso (half kilo salmon head), garlic butter crab (one kilo) and rice (Yep. Rice is Life!). The serving sizes are quite impressive. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth and more! Our group of 6 paid a total of P1,800.00+ or P300.00+ each. That’s approximately around 7 US dollars or 5 British pound.

Dampa-Paluto style would be your best bet if you’re looking for affordable dishes. You can always split the bill if you go there as a group. I highly recommend this place for people who are on a tight budget.  😁

Garlic Butter Crab

Crabs in Garlic and Butter Sauce