Peace Be Upon You

Whenever I’m back home in the province for the duration of Christmas and the New Year, I rarely find myself in the company of friends nor do I roam the city and the rest of my hometown. Most times, relatives, friends and even neighbors have no idea that I’m back to celebrate the holidays in Ilocos. They would only find out after my mom or siblings post pictures on social media. I’ve always valued this time to just be with family, find comfort in the company of my canine loves (Oreo and Snickers) and completely detach myself from other people and drama. The week long vacation gives me enough time to evaluate what I’ve done over the previous months and what I plan to focus on and achieve for the next year. In the course of my yearly “longest” vacation, I get to recharge and put most if not all in perspective to prepare for the following year.

inner-peaceWhat I have learned over the years is to just be at peace with myself- Not letting negativity dominate my thinking, never assuming but as much as possible trying to communicate with words, not expecting, practicing my faith, living in the moment, delving beyond the superficial, being patient, not taking things too personally, learning and acceptance of what is true and realistic.

Choosing to be at peace with myself was a sudden realization as a result of an arduous process. It was a state I was mentally and emotionally prepared to be in after years of struggle and uncertainty. Having been in a state of crisis for quite sometime some years ago, this (being at peace with myself) has to be my greatest accomplishment thus far.

I am just thankful to have reached this stage of my life wherein I have set myself free from the past, I don’t have to beat myself up over situations I can’t control, I have learned to accept and understand why things happen the way they do and that I no longer have to pretend I’m okay even if I’m not.

If you are reading my post until this part, know that I am truly happy. What I have now and where I’m in, I’m contented. I don’t aspire for much. Some of you might even say I’m not ambitious enough but I pray that you also find the peace you’re either consciously  unconsciously looking for.

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone all the best for 2018!