Have you chosen your battle yet?

Choosing which battles to fight is sometimes tough, especially when multiple issues are equally important. With human nature’s tendency to focus excessively on trivial matters, I hope the last two years have taught us all to structure our lives around meaning and fulfillment.

Dear reader, how have you been?



I have so much feels about this but I’ll keep it as is.

Lewis B. Smedes once said: “It takes one person to forgive, it takes two people to be reunited.”

 Just wanted to put it out there that Forgiveness and Reconciliation are related but two separate issues altogether.

Third World Nursing Profession

As a professional and registered nurse, reality in a third world county is harder to accept and comprehend. The nursing profession has become much more of an opportunity to earn big and as a passport to working abroad for some aspiring nursing students nowadays rather an opportunity to help the sick, promote health and inspire people to change. Nurses have become a commodity subjected to trade and profit rather than the country’s asset to a better health care system delivery. What’s worst, colleges and universities offering the nursing course sees it as a way to earn billions of pesos, sacrificing now the quality of education that students deserve.

Nursing doesn’t look like, act like or educate like any other profession. And it shouldn’t. Because nursing isn’t like any other profession. Nursing is a combined work of the hand, mind and the heart. It’s not only a profession but also a vocation. If by chance you took up nursing because of reasons other than caring for the healthy and the sick, ask yourself these:

“Do I have the capacity to care for other people without expecting anything in return?”

“Am I enough for myself and for others?”

The integrity of the nursing profession has suffered long enough because of people who take it for granted.  You have nothing to lose when you ponder on these questions. Think about it. When at the end of the day your heart is not on the nursing profession and you answered NO to the questions above, then maybe you’re not made for this kind of job.