Dampa is the New Carinderia


My friends and I get together and feast on good food once every 2-3 months. Since we all have differing schedules, it’s quite hard to get everyone gather regularly.

What do we all have in common? Love for food. More than that, we love GOOD food.

So, one Saturday, after a company event, two from the group recommended that we try to eat at a dampa market since everyone’s famished after a long tiring day. We ended up at Dampa sa Farmers Market. The place has a handful of paluto stores with paluto (cooking service) prices ranging from 70-140 pesos to 300 pesos max depending on the dish.

When they hand out the menu, don’t get confused. The prices that you see there are mostly the paluto (cooking service) prices. You might want to clarify the price of the dish with the lady or gentleman assisting you.

What’s great about Dampa Markets is that you have the option to shop for your seafood, vegetables or fruits of choice then you can hand it to the paluto store.

We ordered a variety of dishes including shrimp tempura (half kilo), sinigang sa miso (half kilo salmon head), garlic butter crab (one kilo) and rice (Yep. Rice is Life!). The serving sizes are quite impressive. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth and more! Our group of 6 paid a total of P1,800.00+ or P300.00+ each. That’s approximately around 7 US dollars or 5 British pound.

Dampa-Paluto style would be your best bet if you’re looking for affordable dishes. You can always split the bill if you go there as a group. I highly recommend this place for people who are on a tight budget.  😁

Garlic Butter Crab

Crabs in Garlic and Butter Sauce